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Our qualified construction industrial mechanics and mechatronics systems technicians are always available to carry out tasks for our customers. We provide a wide spectrum of services for platforms and wind turbines as well as onshore installations in shipyards and commissioning of substations in the country.


Service, repair and maintenance of hydraulic equipment is performed by our qualified hydraulics technicians off and onshore. Our hydraulics technicians are conversant in assembling cranes on wind turbines, as well as inspecting them within the framework of the offshore service contracts. OIS industrial climbers are trained in accordance with the guidelines of FISAT in order to perform work on structures in an offshore wind farm even during difficult accessible conditions.


Our welders are qualified in the arc hand welding processes, metal active gas (MAG), MAG with flux cored wire as well as tungsten inert gas (TIG). Our qualified inspector conducts non-destructive testing of welds in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9712 by visual examination. We can perform more non-destructive inspections through collaborations our independent partners on request. Our own engineer prepares and monitors welding work, as well as the required documentation. We are certified to weld steel structures in EXC2 in accordance with EN 1090-2.

Rope access

Our industrial climbers are not only deployed offshore. Their duties include implementing a wide range of corrosion protection and assembly work onshore. They conducted corrosion protection work in the offshore wind farm "Borkum West II" and assembly work on the substation for the offshore wind farm "Baltic II" during its construction in the shipyard. We provide both onshore and offshore electrical engineering installation services.

Electrical engineering

Im Bereich der Elektrotechnik erbringen wir sowohl onshore als auch offshore Montageleistungen. Dabei unterstützen wir auch unseren Verbundpartner, die SEAR GmbH, bei der elektrischen Ausrüstung im Mittel- und Hochspannungsbereich an Gas- und HGÜ Anlagen aber auch in Freiluft-Umspannwerken. Einen weiteren Schwerpunkt bildet die Unterstützung bei der Inbetriebnahme von elektrotechnischen Anlagen und beim Betrieb von AC und HVAC Offshore-Plattformen als Electrical Operator.

Corrosion protection

Our solutions against rust and weathering!

In cooperation with our affiliates, the Krebs group of companies, we offer package solutions for corrosion protection from a single source. Planning corrosion protection measures begins on the "drawing board", where all qualitative, environmental, timely and economic aspects are taken into account. We clean, coat and remove rust from large surfaces professionally and on schedule in very short time periods - and dispose of naturally accumulated pollutants.

In the field of corrosion protection, we maintain our own blasting and coating halls at almost all locations and or operate client systems. These air-conditioned halls that are equipped with complete machinery are the prerequisite for continuing work regardless of weather conditions and high, consistent quality. Reusable blasting media is employed where possible.

In the fields of section preservation or special coatings, our experts apply the QM system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and thus guarantee high standards in long-term corrosion protection.

ProCoat provides the perfect solution

PROCOAT is a patented polyurethane-modified, solvent-free coating material which is obtained from rubber powder that is generated from recycled tires. Its high adherence and elasticity as well as high grade vapour-diffusion density enable one to achieve years of success. Thick layers of PROCOAT are applied on solid substrates by using a high-tech, hot spraying process in a vertical spraying operation that conforms to EU standards.