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Inspections are the vital component for every maintenance strategy that you adopt as a customer for your structural, steel, coating, electrical engineering or auxiliary system. We monitor the actual situation regularly and continuously and execute the necessary corrective actions that lead to an interference-free operation of your primary and secondary system that secure your power supply. Thus, expensive outages and losses can be avoided.

Our portfolio comprises tests that are an integral part of periodic inspections required by various institutions and manufacturers. We work on the basis of national and international standards, guidelines and regulations to suit the needs of the customer and to ensure that the operation of your system is secured.

Within the framework of the inspection process, root causes are analysed and consequences, which comprise possible solutions in case of deviations from the desired state, are presented with the objective of providing the customer with options for problem solving.

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Periodic inspection

Periodic inspections are required by the licensing authority for offshore projects. OIS is in position to inspect the supporting structures, welds and scour protection. The inspection of the wiring of the inner park is also part of our scope of services. We are able to conduct these tasks when required with divers or where possible, ROV technology.

Complete solutions

In recent years, OIS Offshore Industrie Service GmbH and its affiliated companies have been involved in the construction of various offshore wind projects. This has enabled us to acquire a huge amount of expertise and to gain extensive experience in the installation and commissioning of various systems, equipment and components.

Our own maintenance staff has been intensively trained to provide our customers with this expertise - even offshore. Thus, they have all the necessary qualifications to execute safe, adequate and effective tasks.

Thus, OIS is able to offer comprehensive planning, coordination, maintenance, certification and periodic inspection solutions for the maintenance of offshore wind farms and converter platforms with its own personnel as well as in collaboration with affiliated companies. These solutions comprise the following areas: steel, corrosion protection, electrical (low-voltage, medium voltage, high voltage), radio, navigation and communications equipment, auxiliaries and auxiliary systems, underwater works, working with rope access (FISAT), transportation and logistics and spare part supply and management.

Maintenance / service

Maintenance of various systems is the cornerstone of any service program. No matter what strategy one uses, adaptations and repairs must be carried out, wearing parts replaced or parts modified. The objective of these maintenance tasks is to contribute to the long-term operation of the system and secure its performance.

We offer cost-effective and reliable solutions for your maintenance program. However, manufacturer-specific maintenance tasks are often subject to approval or training by the manufacturer.

Please contact us to discuss further details.

Repair / maintenance

If you want to or need to perform repairs on and / or customize your system, we are able to provide you with the right solution and resources. Let us know what your requirements are. We trust that we can offer you the right concept.

Our experience in various sectors, with numerous systems and materials will ensure that the required outcome is achieved. Our employees are readily available for all necessary tasks.

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Industrial assembly / installation

We mainly support our customers with our qualified technical staff in the construction and installation of substations. We are often involved in installation tasks associated with gas- and air-insulated switchgears.

Our installation team is currently deployed on construction sites of our customers all over Europe. We are actively involved in equipping offshore platforms with electrical components for the transition pieces in locations that include Belgium. Work is executed at heights. This task is not a challenge for our fitters who are provided with the right education, training and the appropriate personal protective equipment.


OIS Offshore Industrie Service GmbH was authorized on 06.06.2013 under Article 1 § 1 AÜG (German Employment Act) by the Employment Agency Kiel to operate a service for temporary workers.

Temporary workers offer companies the advantage of responding to market changes or unforeseeable staff shortages quickly, flexibly and efficiently. This form of employment is not comparable to any other form of employment. We are able to offer you the right staff for any industrial installation. Our portfolio comprises mechatronics, industrial mechatronics, construction mechanics, and electricians. Our technicians are all readily available for installation tasks and have all the required qualifications.

Your benefits


Have you been awarded a new contract and are not in position to source the right staff? Staff shortages like this necessitate temporary workers for your business, as swift reinforcement for your team - without having to make long-term commitments.

Cost transparency

Our temporary employment service is an effective method for planning and calculating arising customer costs. The customer pays only an agreed hourly or daily rate for the services provided. Non-wage labour costs and costs for downtime (illness, vacation public holidays) do not arise.

Minimal expense

Companies have the advantage of saving advertising and time intensive recruitment costs. Instead, they are able to react quickly and receive un-bureaucratic additional, qualified personnel where necessary. Experienced staff dispatchers provide your company with staff in accordance with your requirements in a timely manner.

New impulses

OIS Industrie Service GmbH relies on the Krebs Offshore Shipping Fleet to support vital service and maintenance work in offshore wind farms. This fleet consists of multi-purpose vessels and crew transfer vessels.

Ship logistics

OIS Industrie Service GmbH relies on the Krebs Offshore Shipping Fleet to support vital service and maintenance work in offshore wind farms. This fleet consists of multi-purpose vessels and crew transfer vessels.

Crew transfer vessel and tender boats

Multipurpose vessels

Krebs Geo

type of ship

Monohull/Stahl; B Klasse Guard Vessel

year of construction





max. 15kn (approx. 28km/h)

number passengers

12 accommodations on board

additional load

free deck area  in the bow area


M/S Krebs Geo

The M / S Geo Krebs is used as an accommodation vessel for research project-support in the offshore wind farm "Baltic 1". Equipment can be stored safely on the open working deck in the bow.

M/S Prof. Albrecht Penck

type of ship


year of construction





max. 9kn (ca. 17km/h)

number passengers

12 accommodations on board

additional load

crance capacity on board
free deck area  in the bow area


M/S Prof. Albrech Penck

The M / S Prof. Albrech Penck in the bow has a free cargo deck that is equipped with a powerful crane. The vessel has been successfully used in the Baltic Sea to aid corrosion protection and soil sampling works. 


We work with experienced and reliable suppliers to implement a turn-key approach to a full extent.
OIS is a sales and service partner for Palfinger offshore systems. We have successfully developed the OMAS offshore Maintenance System in close collaboration with Palfinger Systems.
The OMAS system ensures that a safe working environment is achieved on the outer surfaces, on the foundation structure to the water surface and at the bottom of both AC and HVDC offshore platforms.